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Please start here for the brand and style of heater you are looking for. There are basically two types of kerosene heaters, Radiant and Convection. Radiant heaters (Kero-Heat CT1100, RF-1140) are usually smaller (10,000 BTU) rectangular heaters, that can sit near a wall. Most of these heaters feature a convenient removable fuel tank and directional heating. The KeroHeat RF-1140 features a Built-In Fan. Convection heaters (CV2230) are usually larger (23,000 BTU) round heaters that need to sit in the middle of a room. Convection heaters are great for larger rooms or multi-room heating. Some heaters (Senguko OR-77) have both convection and radiant heat. All heaters (except the Cook Stove) include: Owner's Manual, Hand Siphon Pump, Batteries and the Wick are already included with the heater. A Wick can last several years with proper care, but it can also be ruined in a few minutes with old or contaminated kerosene. Most people order an extra Wick to keep on hand in case of an emergency. Use only fresh K-1 Kerosene, preferably clear, not red kerosene. Click on one of the brands to the left to start shopping. Extra Wicks and other accessories are listed under each heater for easy ordering. If you have any questions, please email us mail@msiwix.com

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