Complete Kerosene Treatment

PRI-D is highly effective in dramatically improving the combustion and storage capabilities of both kerosene and home heating oil, as well as marine diesel oil (MDO), and turbine gas oil

PRI-D is a super concentrated, complete fuel treatment that improves all  kerosene and diesel fuels, enabling them to perform to maximum potential. PRI-D's industrial strength, enhanced thermal stability chemistry reacts with fuel upon contact, and provides multiple benefits:

• Fuel stays fresh months, even years at a time

• Tanks remain free of slime and sludge

Improved Heater Performance – PRI-D works chemically within kerosene fuel to improve the combustion process. Improved combustion means improved performance.

Extended Storage Life – Properly treated with PRI-D, your kerosene fuel will stay fresh in storage for months and even years at a time. Tests have shown where PRI-D has gone a step further, actually restoring old fuel to refinery-fresh conditions. If you are storing kerosene fuel for any period of time, you can’t afford to be without PRI-D.

Super Concentrated – PRI-D is super concentrated, treating fuel at a 1:2,000 ratio. This means PRI-D is extremely cost effective to use. Get the most out of your kerosene fuel for only pennies a gallon! 

Safe To Use – PRI-D’s enhanced thermal stability chemistry works within the fuel instead of altering it, which means the product is completely safe to use. PRI-D contains no potentially damaging cetane improvement additives or harsh solvent chemistries. No fuel specifications are changed. Use PRI-D today to get the most out of your kerosene fuel and your heater.

Bottle Size Gallons Treated
16 Ounces 256 Gallons
32 Ounces 512 gallons



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DON'T DELAY!  Demand is Greater Than Ever!

PRI treatment of fuel supplies is critical for anyone maintaining kerosene heaters and back-up generator systems. To fail to heed this information could mean the failure of your system when you most need it! Don't delay. Demand for PRI from public utilities, commercial firms, emergency services and private individuals has soared in recent months!

Hurricanes - Tornados - Earthquakes - Terrorism: All pose the threat of disrupting electrical power for days, even weeks at a time. Today, more than ever, we rely on emergency standby heat and power generation to meet real and potential threats. But how just how reliable are these systems? Fact is, they are only as dependable as the fuel they burn. That's why many of these systems will fail when they are most needed!

Stop Fuel Rot With PRI!


All fuels form masses of unburnable carbon, gum and varnish during storage and combustion. These agglomerations of carbon, gum and varnish (left) do not completely burn, leaving damaging deposits on engine components while wasting fuel. (3000X magnification)


The photo at left is of the same fuel treated with PRI. PRI completely prevents the formation of these unburnable materials. With PRI, the fuel stays cleaner and burns more completely - preventing deposits in engines while providing better ignition quality, more power, improved efficiency, and reduced emissions. (3000x magnification)

Originally developed for refiners, PRI's unique thermal stability chemistry is an industrial-grade treatment designed to preserve and restore even the most difficult fuels under the most challenging conditions. Why? Our industrial clients simply cannot afford fuel failures. They depend on PRI for complete system integrity and reliability. Among the units now relying on PRI-D are operators of standby generators at conventional and nuclear power plants, major ISPs like America Online, telephone companies, hospitals, and vital emergency services. 

The PRI-D used by these facilities is also available in the same industrial strength in our smaller, consumer packages.  With one simple treatment about every 18-to-24 months, PRI will keep your fuel fresh in storage for 2-to-10 years, depending on initial fuel quality and storage conditions.

Not only will PRI make even the freshest fuels even fresher, PRI also restores severely degraded and stale fuels to refinery freshness!   How can you be sure?

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